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Often referred to as "The Centennial Mayor," George Sergeant presided over the 1936 Texas Centennial celebration which hosted special guests, President Franklin D. Roosevelt and First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt (both shown in this photo). *Sergeant is in the front passenger seat.*
Sergeant, who served as Chief Justice of Dallas' 5th Court of Appeals, was also the Mayor of Oakcliff from 1935-1937. Built in 1910, the home was Sergeants’ private residence which he shared with his wife, Mary, and one surviving son. After his death in 1971, the house was left to his son and then to a caretaker. The home fell into disrepair but still housed many artifacts including scrapbooks, letters and a handwritten 'thank you' note from Mrs. Roosevelt herself. 
In 2011, developer Jim Lake bought the property, preserved the artifacts, re-zoned the home for restaurant use, led the full-scale restoration and ultimately chose restaurateurs, AJ Gilbert and Martha Madison (best known for their concept, Luna Park, in Los Angeles and San Francisco) to launch the restaurant which will be aptly named, “The Mayors House.” Earlier this year, the married couple partnered with beloved local chef, Graham Dodds, and the trio look forward to writing this new chapter for the storied old home.

The Mayors House is coming soon!

An old house becomes a new restaurant.
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